“With humor, wisdom, and a generosity of spirit Beck challenges us at our deepest - and often unconscious - beliefs with a message that offers support and compassion to some of our society’s most marginalized yet offers the opportunity for all of us to find healing.”
— Dan Griffin: CEO & Lead Consultant | Griffin Recovery Enterprises, Inc
Beck is a remarkable professional in every sense of the work. He presents in a way that draws the audience in and gets us to engage with a topic that is hard to understand from the outside looking in. Beck is the single biggest influencer in my life with it comes to understanding what the transgender community is going through and how anyone can help in their struggle. It takes a speaker of this caliber to get across this complex message. Beck is that person
— Ben Cort: Owner | Cort Consulting
Shortly after Beck’s training, one of our nurses contacted me because we had a transgender client admit to the program. The nurse wanted to review Beck’s presentation with me to be sure she understood some of the things so she could best work with the client. Recently the client stated, ‘I new this was a safe place when I came in because they asked me what pronouns I use and what would me feel most comfortable in a gender-separate program.’
Beck’s training was informative and conveyed great empathy for trans clients. Many of our staff remarked how much they learned and how grateful they were to have participated in the training”
— Annie Peters: Clinical Director | Harmony Foundation
Beck has presented on LGBTQ+ affirmative care, addiction, and trauma informed practices for the past ten years, traveling nationally to help inspire and educate the healers in our field. Beck’s trainings have inspired me to look at common practices in healthcare and take initiative to create change. Beck is the picture of recovery and compassion.
— Sadie Hosley: Clinical Director | Recovering Hope Treatment Center
Beck Gee-Cohen is in my humblest of opinions, one of the most engaging, thoughtful and interesting speaker/presenter/trainers I have ever had the pleasure of watching, attending and partnering with. I have had the luxury of working with Beck in multiple capacities as it relates to speaking engagements, presentations and trainings and I can honestly say each and every opportunity seems to impress me more and more. Beck’s presentation style is more of an art form, in that he truly brings the presented topic to life and engages the audience in a way where the presentation almost transforms into an interactive, real-time discussion rather than a lecture. In my experience I have always found the information to be much better received through this form, rather than an audience feeling like they have been lectured to. Beck consistently receives top notch feedback and acclaim, is widely sought after as a headline or keynote speaker and regularly packs the audience to the brim. As an individual, Beck has always impressed me, not just because of his pioneering, persevering and inspiring attitude, but with his worldly and industry knowledge, giving nature, willingness to help others and desire to listen and learn. Additionally it has been an absolute joy to experience Beck’s loving character and genuine zest for life.
— Stephen Cantwell: Director of Marketing & Development | Beauterre Recovery Institute
I highly recommend Beck Gee-Cohen as a trainer and educator. Over the last four years I have had the pleasure of working with and observing Beck in a variety of settings. I first met Beck through the National Association of Gay and Lesbian Addiction Professionals (NALGAP) and had the privilege of sitting in the audience of his training at a national conference. After participating, I recruited Beck to serve on Faculty at The Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies – Continuing Professional Development Program (where I was Director at the time), and more recently have brought him to facilitate trainings with HiTOPS a community organization in Princeton, NJ.
Through the years, I have witnessed many of Becks trainings, both small and large. His trainings are accurate, thought provoking, and interactive. Developing a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, he creates safe space where participants can learn and grow. I have particular respect for his ability to take topics pertaining to the LGBTQ+ community and increase audiences understanding, skills, and awareness of their own personal challenges. His commitment to others learning is clear. I have yet to attend a session that didn’t end with a long line of participants seeking further dialogue with Beck, and he waits to see them all – listening, supporting, and connecting learners with resources.
— Laura Fenster-Rothchild: Director of Programming | Hitops, Inc
Beck is truly a leader in LGBTQ+ advocacy and clinical training. His extensive knowledge and understanding of the adversities of the population allow him to elicit change in individuals, agencies, and communities alike. His deep passion for improved addiction and mental health treatment in our country is inspirational. I highly recommend him for those interested in enhancing their knowledge related to LGBTQ+ best practices.
— Krista Schaefer: Clinical Supervisor | New Beginnings Minnesota
When I needed to train my clinical and administrative staff on how to improve our business and become more than just LGBTQ+ informed but to become LGBTQ+ affirming I turned to Beck. He came in and answered questions in a supportive way that lent to an atmosphere of true learning and not a lecture. My staff came away from his trainings not only more informed, but empowered to become leaders in our community of professionals to ensure that we are providing the highest level of service to our clients. I no longer worry if my staff will work appropriately with LGBTQ+ populations because I trust the training they received from Beck and their increased abilities and skills are apparent in their documentation, interactions with clients, and in the way they represent our business. Beck is a true professional who allows space for complete novice professionals become leaders in inclusive and affirming care.
— Andrew Lapin: Executive Director | Cultivate Care Farms