Our Story

Statistically, LGBTQ+ individuals seek healthcare, mental healthcare, and/or substance abuse treatment less often than straight and/or cisgender individuals. LGBTQ+ people are at greater risk of substance abuse issues, depression, anxiety, HIV, and cancer. There are many reasons for these higher rates. It has been our experience at BGC Consulting, that the rates are higher due to lack of access, fear, and facility misunderstanding. Over the years, hearing clients speak of their experiences in treatment and at hospitals, we decided to help bridge the LGBTQ+ community and healthcare providers by teaching clinicians, doctors, and staff about LGBTQ+ culture and how to better serve their clients. 

In bridging these two communities, we have found that LGBTQ+ clients are able to get the treatment they deserve and were afraid to get. We have also found that facilities are able to be a place of affirmation and safety to a community that has historically not been well received in the medical, behavioral health, and substance abuse treatment communities. 

We want to teach your staff how to best serve the LGBTQ+ community. We want to be able to create programming specifically focused for your establishment. We have the ability to evaluate your institution from the first phone call to continuing care and discharge. We have numerous staff training modules to teach all staff, from techs & nursing to clinicians & case managers.

Let us help you open up your doors to the LGBTQ+ community with confidence and knowledge.