Coaching & Case Management

Transition Coaching

Transition Coaching can help therapists as well as their clients who are in the process of gender transition. BGC consulting works alongside the primary therapist to help the client with specific needs during transition, so that the client can use their time in therapy processing feelings, emotions, trauma, etc.  

Transition Coaching may include, but is not limited to:  

  • Help with Document Changes

  • Finding Doctors for Hormone Therapy

  • Finding Recovery Meetings that Affirm Trans Folx

  • Creating Personal Lifestyles and Goal Setting

  • Building Practical Life Skills

Recovery Coaching

Recovery coaching can be an important tool post treatment in order to help clients sink their feet into their recovery base. Whether that be back at home or in their new place of residence. As a recovery coach for LGBTQ+ individuals, BGC can help create a safe landing and help to build a network wherever the client may be. 

Recovery Coaching may include, but is not limited to:

  • Helping find LGBTQ+ affirming meetings

  • Helping to find the right sponsor

  • Helping to identify hobbies in recovery

  • Helping to find basic needs post treatment (therapy, job, doctor, dentist, etc)

  • Creating Goals post treatment

  • General Life Skills

Family Coaching

The client is not the only person in the family that may need help with the transition process. Whether that be transitioning out of treatment, gender transition, or help with the coming out process. BGC is able to help coach the families through these processes. Family coaching can happen outside of treatment as well as if your family member is in treatment. 

Family Coaching may include, but is not limited to:

  • Understanding the coming out process

  • Walking alongside the family as they come out to others

  • Helping with hard conversations with school, religious entities, etc

  • Transition in the home or back to the home